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Hi! I am a Brighton based photographer who grew up with various film cameras, including receiving my Grandfather's early model Olympus Trip 35 one Christmas. I started to get more serious and bought my first DSLR in Sept 2008, using this as the catalyst to participate in various training courses in Brighton, UK and Melbourne, Australia.


I mainly take travel or pet photos using my Fujifilm X-series cameras. I find them great for having in my bag, and when I could travel for business, it was a great excuse to get out of the hotel and see the surrounding area. 

As well as local press, the Cannes Film festive catalogue, and THE Brighton and Hove calendar my work has been part of exhibitions around the world. Including at the Hinterland Galerie in Vienna, Kontrast Gallery in Stockholm, BBA Gallery in Berlin, and the Laurent Gallery in Melbourne.


Click on the images below to order digital stock photos, prints, canvases or prints from my Halloween and Winter collection. 

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